Our most sought after Programmes

Kickstart your Health - is an amazing, short but slightly stricter programme that will help eliminate fat from your body! In just 20 days you could be 10 kg’s (sometimes more/sometimes less) lighter than you are today!

This programme is an entry level to our FastTrack2Health programme. It is simple and takes 20 days - maximum! What are you waiting for? Loose weight, feel great and LOVE your body!

FastTrack 2Health programme is truly simple by using real foods, Essences & homeopathic formulas plus simple nutritional supplements. This will help your body come into balance (you will feel energised, symptom-free and lighter). It supports your hormonal system, while reducing stress and aiding with digestion.

The BONUS? Easy - letting go of unwanted & stored Fat!!!

Enlightened Hormones is fantastic for our much needed balance. Do you (and your Hormones) feel completely out of sync? Are you 45 years of age or more? Are you unhappy about lack of energy & weight gain?

If you answered yes to all three of these questions then Enlightened Hormones is the program for you. The fact that you are reading this right now shows that! Join us on a journey of self discovery.

Sensual Balance is an allround health programme. If you are having any problems with low libido, aches and pains, depression, thyroid issues then this is a great programme to jump on board with.

This program is a perfect follow on from Fast track To Health as the results, if you do both, will be very exciting as it can really help deal with the long-term effects of stress.  

“Not only 12.7 kg lighter but two dress sizes smaller. I can now fit into a size 12. I have never done that before in my adult life!” - Lucy, UK