I am so grateful for you, Karen, and your Fast Track 2 Health Phase 1 programme! Not only have I lost 10kg in the 44 days I have been working with you, but I am feeling so much healthier and happier than ever before. When I approached you that first day, I had my hormonal issues in mind having recently been tested. I had low progesterone levels and low adrenal function, the latter being of most concern to me. I also knew while I wasn’t technically overweight, I did have some weight to lose. I really wasn’t living my authentic self. Your programme has changed my life and while the first week took some settling into a routine, it has seriously been so easy. (I have to say, the fact you can have coffee on this programme made me so happy; that might have been a deal breaker ha!) It has helped me to reset my appetite, reduce my cravings, lose weight, reduce my anxiety, sleep better, be more hydrated, have more energy, be more mindful; it’s taught me to take care of body, and the list goes on. During this time, the only exercise I have been doing is walking nearly every day. I have a love for fitness but was feeling overwhelmed with multiple memberships and just fitting everything in; and I didn’t realise it had started to weigh me down. When you told me just to walk (because anything else was likely to raise my cortisol levels) it was as if you’d given me permission to relax and that overwhelm disappeared. And walking has allowed me to get out into the fresh air and be more present. You have been incredibly supportive, chatting to me when I dropped by, responding to my emails and you’ve also given me advice and shown me how to handle social occasions mindfully. You’ve shown me this can be a lifestyle change! The next 40 days is about Phase 2 where I start introducing new foods every day and I’m looking forward to that. I would encourage anyone who might be feeling toxic, carrying a bit too much weight, lacking in energy, just generally not living their best life to go and visit Karen at Vitality; you won’t regret it. With gratitude
— Tracey Mackay

Hi Karen - thank you soooooo much for introducing me to FastTrack 2Health - my life and my health changed for the better (and so did my body). I can not rave enough about you as a person (beautiful inside and out and always available to listen) but also about your MOST AMAZING products! YOU lovely Lady are a blessing not only to me but to everyone that you have helped through their own different journeys. Love your work xxx
— Tamara, Bay of Islands, New Zealand

All I can say is WOW! After just 12 easy weeks, I have lost a massive 20kg already.
— Bella, USA

I have lost over 20kgs in a very short time. It has been a life-changing experience in more ways than one!
— Grant, Auckland
I have found after chatting on the phone, over the last few weeks/months that many of you really relate to these life changing stories which can really help you feel more connected and therefore less isolated. It is very easy to think that our situation with our health challenge (being either excess weight, aches and pains or something else), is totally unique and that we are in this on our own. When we read that someone else is thinking or feeling much like we are it helps us learn and have faith, this is why we include these in our newsletters and we will continue to do so.
— Leslie T, Rotorua, NZ