Enlightened Hormones – 12 weeks to change your life

Our Enlightened Hormones programme is designed with you in mind. If you are 45 plus years of age and you are female, then this programme could be the answer to your prayers.

Are you struggling with weight (gain) that just won't budge, low energy, hot flushes, aches and pains and overall just not feeling like yourself anymore? Join many of the woman already on the programme and believe me when I say, you won’t be disappointed.

We are not saying it is going to be easy and smooth sailing (if that were true then everyone would be doing it) BUT 1000's of clients have eliminated many of the above symptoms by doing this programme and achieved more VITALITY as well as the much desired weight loss!  However, it is a journey worth taking if you have things in your life you want to achieve.
If you want to travel way into your golden years. Would you like to be able to achieve more things that you know if you carry on the way you are, you will never be able to do so?


The Programme consists of 2 Phases

The first 6 weeks is a detox phase. There your body starts to let go of accumulated rubbish, both emotional and physical. Plus you can lose up to 20kg’s in this phase alone (if you have the weight to lose that is) The programme is designed with a new eating routine to promote maximum fat burning!

Phase 2 is a discovery phase. You learn what foods really suit and which don’t. So as you move forward you have tools to keep you on track. At the end of this you will also have recommendations as to what to take (homeopathic & natural supplements only) long term.

Phase 1

  • A specially prepared Homeopathic spray – last 40 days

  • Some Boost Drops – lasts approx 40 days

  • Our amazing Magnesium Oil – also made especially for you

Phase 2

  • A different and also specially prepared Homeopathic spray – last 40 days

  • Some Boost Drops – lasts approx 40 days plus keep continuing to use your Magnesium Spray


You can receive weekly videos to take you through what is happening to you and why as well as  some extra tips and techniques that will support you long after the program has finished.

You will also have your own Enlightened Hormones Mentor. She will touch base with you weekly  Plus you will have an initial consultation and another one when you are close to the end of the programme.Before you get started you will be invited to our Enlightened Hormones Facebook page so you can ask questions and give feedback and generally share the experience.

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