STEP 2 | ELIMINATION PHASE | The Miracle of Fast Track To Health

This part of the programme includes a diet plan, homeopathic remedy, Boost drops to add into water and a magnesium oil . All of these products together will quite simply amaze you.

Why? Because it works! It's that Simple!

How does Fast Track To Health work?
Fast Track utilities the amazing effects of Homeopathy, Essences and Magnesium Oil, along with a specialised anti-inflammatory diet plan, to help you lose weight and feel great, fast.

  1. Homeopathics & Essences – Fast Track Spray and Boost Drops
    Our Fast Track to health spray is a unique homeopathic blend that encourages your body to bring about balance within your hormonal and digestive system whilst achieving weight loss (if you have weight to lose that is) you will feel full, and cravings are almost non-existent – so you can stick to the programme with ease.

  2. Naturally beneficial Magnesium Oil
    The health benefits of Magnesium are widely recognised. We have developed our very own and unique Magnesium Oil blend that can help you feel great faster.

  3. Easy-to-stick-to Menu Plan
    Fast Track programme comes with detailed advice on what you can eat over the duration of the programme so it is even easier than you think to shed those symptoms and extra kilos.

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Look great and feel better than ever, with our Natural Health Services and highest quality, handmade homeopathic remedies, available only at VITALITY.

Harness the astonishing natural power of Homeopathy to help with all sorts of health issues, including: 

Weight Loss/ Stress Relief/ Headaches/Migraines/ Mental Clarity/ Insulin Balance/ Fatigue/ Depression/ Adrenal & Thyroid balancing/ Hormonal Balance/ Aches and Pains/ Digestion Support/ Improving Sleep/ Leptin Balance/ Immunity Support/ Detoxification/ Plus much more...



“In just 80 - 100 days, you’ll be enjoying a healthier and happier you. In fact, I personally guarantee that when you complete the Fast Track To Health program, You will look and feel better than you could ever believe. That’s how confident I am that Fast Track To Health will work for you.”