Fast Track to Health – 4 steps
With Fast Track to Health you will achieve amazing results as long as you stick to the very simple processes that we out line in your booklets and covering information.

Fast Track to Health
Do you want more energy? Feel great, lose a bit of weight? If you do then this could be the answer. With this system clients have lost up to 20 Kg’s, been taken off medications by their doctors, Improved energy, better sleep and so much more!

Fast Track comes in 4 parts

Detox Stage

Using a homeopathic remedy (detox Spray) a cell/tissue salt combination and a herbal tonic for 10—20 days. This is easing you gently into the elimination phase (2) where your body can eliminate huge amounts of toxins and fat, making you feel amazing plus be inspired to keep up with a healthier lifestyle. With this program you can totally change your life.
Why detox phase?
Because we have observed that for some, diving into the Elimination phase can be overwhelming. . Mainly due to the amount of toxins (physical and emotional) that are already clogging up our detoxification pathways.
What happens if you go straight into that, you can really struggle with the whole journey and so you might want to give up!
We don’t want that to happen, so would suggest starting with Detox phase, your journey will be so much easier, and results will be long lasting

Elimination Stage

This is a 40-day journey, where you will lose weight, gain more energy and any aches and pains you may have right now, will slowly melt away. This is a low inflammatory diet plan, where you will also go into Ketosis (using fat as energy) and eat at certain times of the day so you will be intermittent fasting!
Sounds hard? It is one of the most rewarding programmes you will ever have done. The weight simply disappears, every day you will let go of some excess baggage. Feeling lighter and more energized! We have developed this program over the last 10 years and it is simply the best one that we have used. We know you will love the results - The first week can be the most challenging, but stick with it!

The scales will motivate and if you need any help we are just a phone call away

“In just a few days I feel invigorated, better and lighter! What a result. Thanks heaps, you have been wonderfully patient and understanding with what has been going on with me”
Jan, Christchurch)

The Discovery Stage

This part of the programme is really important as it continues the detox, now you can really learn about what suits your body. Also, hormonal and/or emotional imbalances can begin to be addressed. With this phase we are able to address food cravings Which often comes hand in hand with depression of all types along with digestive disorders, menopausal symptoms, PMT, polycystic ovaries plus much more. One of the biggest results has been the reduction of negative emotions.

If you have weight to lose the products and dietary advice can help you continue your journey to balance.

This programme can also help with Adrenal/Thyroid health issues. The remedies have been designed with these organs in mind. With both Stages there are step by step guidebooks and recipes

“Three years ago I went on the Fast Track program and after that the phase two, where I lost and kept off 20kg. Since then I have kept on using the Magnesium, Boost and the facial oil. The oil is beautiful and luxurious I love it every time I use it! I love how I feel inside and out “ (Joan, Kerikeri)

The Maintenance Step

This step depends on your needs and if you have reached your weight/health goals.

This is a consultation process, where we give recommendations depending on your level of health once the first three stages are complete – You are welcome to book a time to have a chat at any time, it is however important that you maintain the well-being you have achieved and if you want to, keep on improving!!



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So jump on-board! Loose weight, feel great & love your body!