STEP 1 | DETOX | The Miracle of Fast Track To Health

The Detox Phase—which is 10 to 20 days taking a few supportive products with an emphasis on cleansing and detoxification of our organs. The reason for doing this?

Well before you step into the Elimination phase, it is a good idea to cleanse out your liver, kidneys, lymph and bowel. Why? Because if you have sluggish elimination organs before you start losing weight, then it is very likely that you either won’t get the results you would like, or worse you might give up!

In this world we are exposed to a huge amount of toxicity every day and unless you work on supporting your organs, they will get sluggish or even unable to cope - which can lead to disease processes. Then if you start losing heaps of weight (which you will do on the Elimination phase) then your fat lets go of a huge amount of toxicity, as the body stores those things that it doesn’t know what to do with in the fat cells. Then the organs get clogged and you will feel dreadful or you will start to crave certain foods that will make you feel better, as you are in stress mode.

So lets clean up first, with this the detox phase, then you will find the Elimination stage much easier and you WILL lose more!

All the products included in the STEP 1 | DETOX programme consist of a formulas that are only available to clients at VITALITY!



Why 10 - 20 days?

This gives the body enough time to cleanse our detoxification organs so that you have a much easier time in the Elimination phase, plus the results can be even greater, if you have done the preparation!
STEP 2 | ELIMINATION followed by the STEP 3 | DISCOVER programmed. Both of these have more food plus both of are more sustainable in the long-term.

Truly the easiest, most effective programme you will find!

How do we know this works?

Well, basically after specializing in detoxification, before I became expert in weight loss and Hormonal health I know that this can really help with every aspect of health and well-being of thousands. It can help you too! In fact, I will give you my guarantee that you will lose weight on this!

Key is that you follow the instructions to the letter and do not deviate from the plan.
You have nothing to lose but weight, hormonal balance and gut heath!


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