Are you low in Zinc? Try our Zinc taste test!

Did you know that you can easily check zinc levels in your body?

With a simple taste test you can see where you are and when you supplement, you can see if your body is getting the benefits that it should be in a quick and easy way.

It only takes 15 seconds then you will know!

Why check?

Zinc is another vital nutrient that has hundreds of functions and like Magnesium it is getting harder and harder to access in our foods and it is so important for our health and wellbeing! Here are a few of the symptoms you may be experiencing if you are low in zinc.

Zinc deficiency symptoms

· Skin rashes/eczema

· Poor memory

· Loss of taste or smell

· Sinus problems

· Allergies

· Breast/prostate cancer

· Infertility and/or low libido

· Abnormal loss of hair

· Spots on fingernails and slow growth

· Insomnia

· Low energy

· Low immunity

· Poor memory

· Slow thinking

· Infertility

· Prostate problems

Zinc also helps to

· Reduce inflammation

· Supresses abnormal growth – eg cysts

· Boost immune system

· Supports hormone production adrenal and sex hormones

· Reduces risk of some cancers

Zinc helps balance the immune system by bringing the branches of our immune system into synch. What this means is that your immune system remains strong whilst making sure that it doesn’t over react – as in the case of auto-immune diseases where the system is fighting itself.

Apart from lacking zinc in our diet other things can deplete us further – such as

· Leaky gut

· Poor diet and hypoglycaemia

· High toxin and heavy metal exposure

· Medications – like anti-inflammatories, acid blockers, antibiotics etc.

· Ongoing stress

As you can see the benefits of having enough zinc in your system is huge, but how can you tell if you have enough?

One of the best ways I know if testing zinc levels is the zinc taste test:-

All you do is to access liquid Zinc Sulphate
Place a capful in your mouth. Swish it around the mouth for 15 seconds then swallow.

Then read the following to see what your results are, it is that easy!

No Taste, like water – indicates substantial zinc deficiency

No initial taste but a furry, mineral taste develops – indicates low body stores

An immediate unpleasant taste – indicates moderate to low body stores

An immediate gross taste (like you just have to get it out of your mouth – indicates good levels of stored zinc.

If after taking this test, your stores are low then there are a few ways you can approach this.

If you feel that you just need to tweak things a little, then purchase some Clinicians zinc drops and take 8-15 drops. – BTW it is best to take zinc along with protein rich foods as you will absorb more that way.

Plus remove foods that deplete zinc in the body, like Sugar, grains, processed foods and alcohol. Then increase levels of the foods that are rich in zinc. These are:-

· Oysters

· Chicken

· Grass fed dairy

· Cashews

· Almonds

· Spinach

· Asparagus

· Red meat

· Pumpkin seeds

· Salmon

· Dark chocolate

If you have 2 or more of the symptoms above, then it would be worth having a chat to see what would be the best way(s) of improving your overall health (after all if you have leaky gut, there is no point taking zinc as it is unlikely that you will absorb all of the supplement without some other help along the way.

While you are making changes you can do the zinc taste test on a weekly basis to see how you are doing. If there is no improvement there may be something else that needs to be added in, like magnesium as this will help up your digestive ability.

Have a magical day