Live Long & Healthy - Simple steps

Sorry, I have been out of the loop - there is a reason why you haven't had any news from me lately!!!

For the last 2 weeks or so I have been having a ball. Not only have we been enjoying our lovely puppy Peaches, but I have also been celebrating my 60th birthday. I have loved every minute of enjoying meeting up with friends, talking on the phone with those whom I couldn’t meet in person due to logistics.
With the celebrating, I have been eating and drinking a lot more in volume and a lot of new things – including espresso Martinis – they went down a treat!!

Although I have had a blast reaching this significant age – I think it is quite an achievement as I really did abuse my body when I was younger – think espresso martinis on steroids that was my life every day for years! Until I got stopped in my tracks when one day I just couldn't get out of bed, which led me down this road of natural health and well being. 

Whenever I have reached a milestone I have made it a habit of sitting down and writing about what I want the rest of my life to look like moving forward. this time the thoughts were about the next 40 plus years ( thinking really positively) and what would I like them to look like.
My answer was and I am sure many of you would agree with quite a few of them!! 

Moving forward I will be 

  • Pain-free

  • Have lots of energy

  • Keep fit and agile

  • Look and feel as young as possible – feel being the most important

  • My brain to be firing on all cylinders

  • To travel often

  • To enjoy each and every day to the max – to enjoy new experiences and to keep on trialing new exciting things.

  • Have great relationships with family and friends

  • To help as many others as possible to age gracefully too – this one is a big reason why I want all of the above!! It is my priority

So how can I do that?
Well, with all the research that I have done over the years I have found that if you do the small basic things consistently then you will yield the rewards. So longevity to me is all about the basics and they are: if you have been reading this newsletter for a few months or more you will know quite a few of these!!

  • Minerals – the foundations of good health, especially Magnesium – you knew that would be coming didn’t you?

  • Water – good quality water is vital for our ongoing health, We have a new exciting product available at Vitality – Kangen water – If you haven’t heard about this water yet then have a look at this short video it will explain a little bit of what it is about and why you just have to try it (our machine will be arriving any day now) I am so excited as I have read, watched, talked to people and done a huge volume of research about it and I know it will enhance everyone’s life. One thing that springs to mind is that it is an antioxidant!! Yep, this water is an antioxidant!!

  • Good quality food – think fast track to health all the foods are low inflammatory

  • Intermittent fasting – see this blog for more info on this 

  • Laugh every day and surround yourself with people who you enjoy being with. People that help you grow and evolve

  • Keep learning and put those learnings into practice

  • Ground yourself and find a way to still the mind – meditation, walking, swimming – whatever makes you feel good after it

There are of course more but we are talking simplicity and simplicity has to be the key to optimum sustainable health!!