Are you ready to become the master practitioner of your own mind body and soul?

As you know, well I think you do, ! I have been in this industry for over 3 decades and have seen huge shifts. What I have noticed is that we are being constantly sold too and I know I am no exception, which has been a struggle for me as I want to help EVERYONE and I know that not all that need help can afford it!

So, I have found a way to keep you informed, in a variety of different ways, which will be fun, informative and can help you attain knowledge that can help you and your family attain better health!  

 “Awaken YOUR Inner Herbalist”  

This will be our membership platform, where we will share information, recipes, workshops, trade secrets and be collaborating with other experts in the field that is natural health. We are not just talking about herbs, but we are going to share lots of knowledge and have a lot of fun along the way!  

We have 3 different options from $10 per month up to $50 per month - all with great benefits to you and your family. 

Of course, I am continuing to promote and sell all of my successful programmes and products but on our new platform it is totally advert free!!  

The Launch is this coming Friday 28th June – I will be sending you the details, please share with as many as possible as we would love to take this to as many people as possible.

 Why am I doing This?  

As I said I want to help as many people as possible, plus like many others who love this wonderful business, I have struggled at times to keep the bills being paid, the taxman happy (never is) and to be able to enjoy, rather than stress! 

The other thing is that I would love to share the therapeutic knowledge and experience with an apprentice and to be able to do this effectively, I need funds, so that they can earn as they learn! This is my goal and to do this I need help!