Health Alert!

Health alert

Two days ago (Monday) I had a day catching up with clients and practitioners and the conversations had an alarming trend that blew my mind!

I heard of several young people who had suffered from hear disease and stroke. Diseases that up until now we have always considered to be part of the aging process.

I was about 21 years of age when I first encountered heart disease and that was a client (I was working in a pub at the time) who was in his late 50’s and everyone thought that was young! The fact that he drank mega amounts of alcohol and ate lots of pub grub (packed full of junk) was not even taken into account!

Never, in my 30 plus years in the business of natural health have I heard or had to work with clients who are so young (unless there has been a diagnosis of a disease or syndrome at an early age). The young people that I have heard of had no history or genetic predisposition to these diseases!

Here are 3 examples

24-year-old man, suffered with a massive stroke and brain bleed, status – critical

16-year-old boy, massive heart attack, status stable but under hospital care

17-year-old girl – stroke whilst on walking trip – status, unknown

I couldn’t believe it; my heart goes out to them and their families. But there has to be a reason for this. Although I know that Magnesium can prevent strokes and heart problems but why is it affecting the young ones now?

Of course, I have a theory, not saying it is the truth but I have to put the suggestion out there – if I do and it prevents just one young person having to deal with the repercussions of these dreadful disease processes then it is worth voicing them.

My theory is that we are all being affected by EMFS (Electromagnetic Field Stress) This is caused by Wi-Fi, Mobile Phones, TV’s – the general soup that is floating around in the space that is our modern-day world.

I believe that these energies are interfering with our personal electrical circuitry and in turn depleting us of certain nutrients like Magnesium and other Antioxidants that we need to keep us healthy and energized

Now we can’t get away from this, but we can take precautionary measures to lesson the effects.

1.       Use mobile phones as little as possible and don’t keep them on your person – put them in a bag or at least have a case that will keep them from your skin. Ladies do not put them in your bra!! I saw a lady who was complaining of hip pain and she stored her phone in her leggings right where the pain was. She stopped doing this and within 2 day she had no pain!

2.       Turn off your Wi-Fi, phones etc. at night

3.       Keep TV’s etc. out of the bedroom

4.       Use lots of transdermal Magnesium (on your skin) this really can help – do it 4 -5 times daily. Any Magnesium will do but we infuse a EMF protector into our magnesium so of course would love if you would purchase of us!

5.       Make sure you are having lots of vibrant fresh vegetables that are packed full of nutrients

There are lots more things you can do, but these are the easiest and probably the most effective ways of protecting you and your family.

Prevention is always so much easier than cure – so don’t put it off and think that it won’t happen to you or your family as you really, really don’t want to find out!