Fast Track to Health Program – a health Transformation that helps you shed extra kilos!

Are you sick and tired of trying every new diet program that comes out, only to feel like you have failed? Do you try to lose weight but feel so awful that you can’t help but gravitate towards foods that you know in your heart aren’t right for you, but you just have to have them?

The great thing about Fast Track to Health program is that it is not just a weight loss program. It is a program that helps in so many other ways – (see testimonial below). It can help us find out what foods are causing inflammation in our bodies. That matters because it has been proven that inflammation is the root cause of ALL Disease processes. What this does is empower us to make choices that help the continuing improvement of our health and well-being. This is very different to many programmes/products on the market that are designed in a way that to keep weight off you HAVE to continue to use those products.

Yes you may want to continue taking the nutritional component of Fast Track, but you don’t have too!

With our Fast Track to Health program. You will have a unique journey. On your journey I guarantee you will lose weight and with that begin to transform your life. This program enables you to unveil your unique beauty that is there waiting to be revealed. Whether you have 2kg or 60kg to lose Fast Track to health, comes to the rescue.

With Fast Track to health you will be able to transform your body and lose the fat from areas you have never been able to before. This works because of my unique remedies and nutritional formulas along with a specific food program.


This is the question I get asked all the time, How does this work?

Quite simple really the Homeopathic Remedy, which we call Fast Track spray. The Fast Track spray, is working on bringing balance in your body. Starting with the master gland of the body, your hypothalamus. This amazing glad controls so much of what goes on in our body.

Here are a few of the functions that it has an impact on:

Control of blood pressure and electrolyte composition
Body temperature
Control appetite
Controls Taste buds
Energy metabolism
Emergency responses to stress
Receiving sensory information from all areas of the body
Comparing sensory information with biological set points
Adjusting the system to restore the body balance when deviations from biological set points occur
Releasing hormones
Regulating emotional response
Controlling appetite

Many of these actions are to do with our HPA Axis – this is a Big topic that you can find out more about here (this is a booklet I wrote many years ago that explains how this works) . The HPA axis is the interlinking and connections between the Hypothalamus, Pituitary and Adrenals.

If the hypothalamus is out of balance all of these actions go out of balance too!
The remedy works on bringing this vital gland back into line, so then everything else comes back into alignment too.

What causes the Hypothalamus to go out of balance in the first place?

The simple answer is stress! Our world today is a very stressful place. We are exposed to EMF’s at higher and higher rates – see blog here for explanation. We are getting exposed to more and more toxins, virus, bacteria, fungal and parasites than ever before (mainly due to the fact we are all travelling much more and so these pathogens and chemicals are going all around the world.
Plus our “Food” is becoming a stressor for the body too as it doesn’t know how to deal with this foreign substances. Exposure to news and other negative programmes, films all cause the body to go into stress mode.

So, our remedy has a very big job to do and it does it amazingly well, plus it is supported by our boost drops (high ionic minerals with support remedies for our liver, kidneys and lymphatic system to aid the detoxification and re-mineralisation along with our unique Magnesium oil which you apply to the skin and helps bring up the levels of magnesium helping every system of your body. Along with the products you will eat low inflammatory foods, drink plenty of liquids, remove toxic products that go on your skin, you will do intermittent fasting and get supported along the way.

On this wonderful program you will learn what foods suit your body best and which ones don’t serve you. By doing this you will feel totally empowered. As You will then know what foods are best for you. After all we are all so unique and beautiful why not let that beauty shine through for all to see. Plus with that release of fat and fat cells comes a release of toxins, emotional and physical that enables your body to bring about healing and therefore balance.

Every client (and we have had thousands), who has completed the full 80 days of Transformation have said that they feel so different and that they will never go back to the old habits of eating, drinking and thinking that they had before!

This program is great value – clients have said that they save over 40% of their average shopping bill, so pay for the program in a matter of weeks – so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain – except the weight!!


Testimonial - Jacky, Auckland

I went to Vitality to see Karen about 4 months ago and asked about what I could do to help heal my very sore foot and leg. When I was there I heard her talk about Fast Track to Health. I didn’t think any more about it, as my diet was so similar to what I heard her describe that I thought there was no point in my trying. After using Karens potions that she made up for me with my leg, and feeling the difference almost straight away (when, NOTHING had helped me for 3 years) I thought I would give this Fast Track program a go. So the next time I was in Paihia I went to the shop, filled in a form, purchased the products and I was on my way.

I had been trying to lose weight for the last 8-10 years, since hitting menopause and nothing had made this weight shift. As I say the diet I was eating was almost identical to the Fast Track one. So the eating part was easy. In the first week I lost 3kg’s I was wrapped. Every week I saw similar results. After 12 weeks I am 18kg’s lighter and feel so good. Everyone I meet ask what I have been doing as I do look a lot more vibrant too.

Karen, I am amazed, whatever magic you have in those potions of yours keep on creating as they are totally amazing. Please share this as I know there will be many who are doubtful that it can work for them. It works, plus it has changed the way I feel about myself. It is not just the weight loss It has made my life a lot more positive and I am excited about what is to come.