EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) Detox

Stress from EMF & radiation pollution drains magnesium & increases adrenaline 

Who would have thought 20 years ago that we would be being affected by an outside influence that we have no ability to change or stop!
I am talking about EMF (electromagnetic field stress) and radiation. Both of which are coming from our Wi-Fi and mobile phones.

Of course, we can’t do anything to stop it – or in fact why would we want to as having a phone, tablet and/or computer is great. We can connect, find out about so many things by researching on Google.

The down side is that it is invisible and for most of us there are no immediate symptoms.
However, over the last 10 years we have seen a huge increase in the amount of cancers, depression, anxiety Auto immune disease. This directly co relates with the levels that EMF’s have increased in our environment.

So, we have come up with a detox protocol that you might want to give a go – to see if you feel any different!

Why Detox your EMF 

Well the symptoms alone might spur you on to take some steps

Here are just a few that you may be struggling with
Sleep issues, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, inflammation, headaches, eye-strain, teeth-grinding, feeling wired, tingling burning sensation, ringing in your ears, constant infections, thyroid issues (under and over), heart fluctuations, Hormonal issues, migraines, suicidal tendencies.

To detox your EMFs, (or anything else for that matter) you don’t have to starve or deprive yourself by doing a complete lifestyle shift! It's about learning not only to live with technology, but to thrive with it! If you have boundaries in place, then your life will improve in so many ways. If you reduce electromagnetic field stress in your life, you could create an environment that supports improved health and wellness for the body, mind and soul. Your physical body benefits include improved sleep quality, more energy and may lower the risks of breast and brain cancer.

You can do this for better memory, less brain fog and more mental clarity, plus you will find that your mood is better and you will feel happier . These are just some of the reasons to detox your EMFs.

Detoxing also allows our body’s natural detox system to “reboot”. Detoxing cleanses your body of irritants from the source, and helps you manage EMFs better when you’re exposed to them in the future. If you are on one of our programmes (Kickstart, Fast Track to Health or Enlightened Hormones) then you will enhance your results by following some or all the guidelines here!

The more tips you take on board the more you should notice the difference – this difference might be noticed very quickly or may take a few weeks, please be patient!

Be careful with your mobile phone

1.      Do not carry your mobile on your person – ladies especially not in your bra and gents not in your front pockets of your trousers and both never in a front pocket of shirts – right by your heart!

2.      Don’t put phone right next to your ear, either use speaker mode or a headset – Brain tumours are often found to be in the place where we place our phones when talking.

3.      Don’t use Bluetooth earphones – this acts as a transmitter and receiver right in your ear. The frequencies of mobile devices are very similar to microwave ovens – these in turn have huge amounts of EMF radiation. You can get special EMF reducing headsets which can help reduce levels even more.

4.      If you must carry it around on your person then turn it onto Airplane mode

5.      Turn off your phone at a certain time each night and only turn on when you have too

6.      Don’t have your phone on in the bedroom and certainly don’t use it as your alarm – you can purchase a manual alarm – not digital as you are replacing one EMF problem with another!

Wi-Fi - this is a big problem

1.      Turn off your Wi-Fi when you go to bed – or sooner if you can

2.      You can also get wired connection that can lesson the amount of EMF’s through the house without losing speed and connectivity – I am researching this so will get back to you asap!

3.      Turn off as often as you can through the day – especially if you have children as the young are even more susceptible than those of us who are older!

4.      Have a day or preferably two with your Wi-Fi turned off!

Smart Meter –Great for electricity companies, not so smart for us!

1.      If you don’t already have a smart meter – refuse to have one fitted – don’t let the companies bully you into having one they are very high potency EMF and you can’t turn them off!! They are in action all the time

(The WHO notes that the radio frequencies used by smart meters may be a potential carcinogen! However the WHO recognizes smart meters as safe, yet recognizes the potential to cause cancer. Does anyone understand the logic behind these two contradictory statements?)

2.      If you do have a smart meter and you have felt the effects since it’s install you can ask to have it replaced with a digital one – might cost you a bit but it could be of benefit!

3.      If you can’t have your smart meter replaced, then it would be a good idea to have a smart meter guard – have a search on the net you – I haven’t tried one, so can’t recommend one specific as yet!

Blue tooth

Blue tooth can be just as dangerous as any other EMF device – wireless technology that allows for rapid transmission over short distances. It uses pulses of short wavelength radio waves. There are 3 types, but not to elaborate to much they are all sources of EMF’s and so if you can avoid using them. Use wires to connect you to your devices. Yes, you may have to stay in one place or be attached to your device – but surely that is better than potentially being negatively affected by the compounding of more and more of these various frequencies that no-one knows what the long term out come could be.

Ok so have discussed how to reduce EMF in your life, now what can you do to help detox and then protect yourself from EMF’s tha you have no control over – as in when you go into a Wi-Fi zone in a public place, in hotels, restaurants, shops etc. etc.  

Some easy tips to follow to help you and your body detox and be protected – naturally

Firstly I have a detox protocol that can help with detoxing heavy metals, chemicals as well as the EMF’s

You will need MSM powder and Bicarbonate of soda (must be aluminium free).

Start slowly with the MSM – 1 gram per day – with ours that is ¼ tsp and 1 tsp of bicarbonate of soda – add to water and drink either all at once or divide into two doses. If you find that you are getting extremely tired on this stop for 2 days and start again but with half the dose of MSM – it might be that your body can’t cope with the speed of detoxification with the higher dose. If you are ok with this level then increase each week by another 1 gram until you reach 4 grams each day You can do this until you feel more energised and clearer in the head.

You can remove some of the radiation from your body through a natural and common herb called rosemary.  No, you don’t have to hang rosemary around your neck or anywhere else for that matter, you ingest it.

In 2009, The British Journal of Radiology published a study that found that the carnosol acids in this herb could offer significant protection from mutagenic activity. This means that rosemary acts a protectant by encouraging the body’s own defence mechanisms to fight the damage caused from radiation.

Rosemary is also known to kill off free radicals, which also cause damage to cells. This same study also found that rosmarinic acid delayed the formulation of toxins, offering the body as much as 3.4 times greater protection than any other compound used in this study. Plus Rosemary helps with concentration and alertness!

Another study done in Spain noted that exposure to radiation caused the formation of great quantities of free radicals, what they found was that rosemary helped (in this study)  stop free radicals before they can cause damage. The carnosol and carnosic acid in rosemary are fat soluble, which helps them provide us with powerful anti-mutagenic activity.

We can protect ourselves by removing radiation through the use of rosemary. Use Rosemary by drinking the tea and using the essential oil

The Tea - This is perhaps the easiest way to ingest the protective compounds in rosemary, especially if you have a rosemary plant in your garden For a pot of Rosemary tea,. Boil water and add 2 to 3 teaspoons of finely chopped rosemary leaves in a teapot. Allow too steep for 10 minutes, strain, and drink every day. Easy as that – you can also add other teas to it if you are not fond of the taste – mint is a great one to disguise the flavour 

If you aren’t a tea drinker, you can use rosemary essential oil I have used my food grade essential oil of Rosemary and added one drop to a cup of tea!. You can however make up the following and rub this mixture on the bottom of your feet every night before bed as a protective measure -  Combine a half a teaspoon of rosemary essential oil with about ¼ cup of a good quality oil such as coconut, avocado, or jojoba,. You can also place a few drops of the essential oil on a small cloth, or hanky hold it to your face, breathing in that delightful aroma. If you prefer, you can use a diffuser or a vaporizer and allow the cleansing, healing compounds in rosemary essential oil to fill your environment

There are also food sources that contain large amounts of caffeic acid, such as most citrus fruits (especially lemons and grapefruit!)  apples, and cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower. Eating some of these each day will also help to lower the radiation levels in our bodies and stop the damage that these EMF waves cause.

Other protective products/plants to help!

Over the years I have found that certain plants, crystals, powders really help protect from EMF pollution. Here are a few suggestions that you may want to have in your house/workplace/handbag/pocket – well some you won’t be able to have on your person but there are some that are great!

Here are 6 plants that really can help absorb the radiation – Nasa Has been using them for years to help even if they just purify your air it is a great thing!

1.      Cactus are great for absorbing radiation as they come form an environment that has high levels – the desert! The larger the spikes the better, so place as close to you can to your computer, screen, Wi Fi or even windowsill if you have a smart meter are are near to a cell phone tower

2.      Betal leaf plant (piper betel) is a creeper grown in India. It belongs to the pepper family. Its waxy green, heart-shaped leaves are used for medicinal and cooking – it is quite an exotic plant but it is lovely to look at and is supposedly relatively easy to grow (although I don’t know as I am not green fingered and so I tend to stick with plants that are very hard to kill- see the next ones) This plant is also known as - Wild pepper, kadok, bai cha plu, daun kaduk. FYI this plants leaves can be chewed as a breath freshener!

3.      Spider plant – this is a plant I love as you can easily grow it, plus it grows babies all the time so you can gift it on a regular basis so is wonderful to have around the house – it is great to clean out all forms of pollution including formic acid and Aldehyde as well as Radiation.

4.      Stone lotus flower – this is a great plant to have on your desk as it is unobtrusive and very cute.  A succulent that is often grown on rooves it appears to be difficult to kill off as long as you keep it watered

5.      Sansevieria – this is really a form of cactus – well it looks like one to me anyway. Beautiful as well as useful – scientist have found that this magical plant can harmlessly absorb over 100 different poisons

6.      Peace lily – this is a plant I love as it not only looks stunning, tells you when it needs water (by simply wilting) and perks up almost immediately when it has been watered. research conducted by NASA found the Peace Lily to be one of the top indoor plants for cleaning air. This tropical plant breaks down and neutralizes toxic gases like benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide. No research on radiation but my intuition tells me that it helps – so I am going with that.

cacti - Photo by  Milada Vigerova  on  Unsplash

cacti - Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

Betal Leaf Plant - Photo by  Maike Bergold  on  Unsplash

Betal Leaf Plant - Photo by Maike Bergold on Unsplash

Sanseviera - Photo by  Nikita Kachanovsky  on  Unsplash

Sanseviera - Photo by Nikita Kachanovsky on Unsplash

stone lotus flower - Photo by  Annie Spratt  on  Unsplash

stone lotus flower - Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Photo by  Victoria Kure-Wu  on  Unsplash

Photo by Victoria Kure-Wu on Unsplash

Crystals etc.

There are so many Crystals that are protective of radiation and no matter what size, shape you choose they are great to have on your person, around your house, next to the microwave oven, in the office next ot other electrical devices and even in your car.
I have seen some lovely crystals attached to mobile phones, which is a great idea, I think!

These are the most common known to help 

Black Tormaline is a protective stone, protecting against cell phones, electromagnetic smog, radiation, psychic attack and negative energies of all kinds. Connected with the base chakra, it grounds energy and increases physical vitality, dispersing tension and stress.

Amazonite is known to absorb microwaves and mobile phone emanations, and protect against electromagnetic pollution. It is also an extremely soothing stone. At an emotional level, Amazonite soothes emotional trauma, alleviating worry and fear. It dispels negative energy and aggravation.

Green Adventurine is said to protect against electromagnetic smog, and it also diffuses negative situations and turn them around. This is also said to be a positive stone of prosperity.

Hematite is a helpful stone for cutting down on electromagnetic pollution. Highly protective, Hematite guards us against negative energies of all types. Can be placed near a computer, or worn on our person. Hematite is highly grounding, and can pull in high vibrations from other realms down into the Root Chakra, enhancing one’s will and drive. Hematite also brings strength, courage and personal magnetism.

Unakite can help to remove electromagnetic pollution via its powerful grounding energies. Unakite carries a unique vibration that is said to reverse the effects of electromagnetic pollution. Good for overcoming self-imposed blocks.

It is believed that by placing a piece of Sodalite next to your computer, you reduce the amount of electromagnetic pollution coming from the terminal. Sodalite is also great for ideas, perception, creative expression and endurance.


Salt Crystal Lamps

You may or may not be aware that salt has been used for centuries to ward of evil and negative forces, which is why it used to be more valuable than gold in certain times of our history. But now we have a very useful tool to help neutralise the EMF, radiation in our environment in the form of the Himalayan salt lamps.

When the salt Crystal lamps are used in our space they are extremely beneficial for us. Because they are natural negative ionizers, when the gentle heat from the lamp (or candle burner) warms the crystal, they emit a negative electrical charge, thus ionizing our atmosphere and interacting with our own bio energetic field, helping to neutralize harmful EMF radiation.

If you have an electric one they must be switched on at all times as when they get cold they will start to absorb moisture from the atmosphere and will start to “melt” if you have a candle one – or if you wish to switch off your electric one. Then wrap them up securely with cling film – then the moisture can’t get in.


Last but by no means least baths/footbaths

You can use many different ingredients to help you detoxify from EMF’s plus these ingredients can help with so much more!

Combine as you wish – however please remember that Epsom salts should only be used for 10 minutes – add to the last 10 mins of your soak that way you will get the full benefit from this amazing ingredient – BTW we have some new exciting bath/footbath soaks coming out very soon – that will combine some of the following (and some will also have crystals and other ingredients mentioned above.


Sea salt

Bicarbonate of soda – make sure it is aluminium free | Bentonite clay | Apple cider Vinegar | Epsom salts

This list is by no means extensive, but it gives you a start. Helping you feel better and empower yourself to be in control of your own wellbeing and destiny

 PS there are herbs and essential oils that can help with this – maybe next time xxx

With Love and I hope you Have a wonderful, magical day