Coffee – can it really help with Cellulite?

If you are like me and LOVE your morning coffee you will be intrigued that this magical ingredient not only makes you feel so good in the morning – it can help in so many ways with your skin and detoxification processes.

There has been so much written about this wonderful bean, that is negative as well as positive. I know many of my clients get confused when I recommend that they drink it, when much of what they have read has told them not too!

Did you know that drinking coffee can help the following?

  • 2 cups of coffee can help with pain from excess exercise

  • Coffee increases your fibre intake – which has to be a good thing

  • Protects your liver – yes that’s right it can really help! – not too much though as that can go the other way!

  • Helps to lower the risk of diabetes

  • Lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia

  • Coffee drinkers have less risk of heart disease

  • Strengthens DNA

  • Plus so much more

There is of course a downside – not drinking too much and the quality of what you are drinking. Make sure you are drinking organic coffee from a trusted supplier plus no more than 2 cups daily. This will ensure that you are not overstimulated.

Did you know that coffee the same as when you drink it, when applied to the skin acts as a stimulant!

On the skin the coffee dilates the blood vessels, which temporarily tones and tightens the skin.
When used on a regular basis that temporary response can become permanent. Due mainly to the fact that the Antioxidant component helps the skin to release toxins, which is helping for general skin health as well as helping reduce the dimpling effect of cellulite. Coffee applied topically can help break down fat deposits. With the dilation in blood vessels it also improves circulation which again helps the body with the elimination process!

Many years ago – over 20 – I used to sit in a bath which contained very strong coffee, which not only smelt divine but when I got out of it my clothes felt loser and more comfortable. I didn’t think at the time about using coffee in a lotion or cream as I saw it as a one-off fix.

10 years later I created an inch loss body wrap, which really worked, but I got so busy with other things (Fast Track to Health and magnesium oils being the main ones) that I put it on the back burner.

Now however I have revived and made a complete range of products that you can use on a daily basis that will help reduce the appearance of Cellulite plus also help your body detoxify through your skin. This in turn will help support your other detoxification processes as it lessons the load!  
Plus coffee on the skin is said to help protect your skin from UVB rays from the harshness of the sun. According to studies The caffeine in coffee (and white tea, used in some of our products) can inhibit the DNA damage response, therefore protecting us from the adverse effects of the suns rays. – which may in turn help protect from skin cancers.

The other benefits are that it brightens skin, as it is encouraging the skin to regrow it helps the skin to hydrate and increase collagen levels. What this does is help the elasticity of the skin too! Win, win!

Use these either with one of our programs – Fast Track to Health or Enlightened Hormones – or as a stand-alone topical regime.

We have 4 products in the range – 3 of which I would encourage you to use as a daily routine and the other – our body wrap – to use whenever you have the time to do so. The wrap can be used every day if you are wanting to lose cm’s quickly, to fit into that special dress or special event.

YES, you really can lose targeted CM’s with this!



Body scrub 250gm  – this is a very simple formula using Organic coffee grounds, moringa oil, Black Himalayan salt, plus essential oils to enhance the experience – use daily before bath or shower – 1 teaspoon per application. You can use this on your face too as a gentle exfoliator – just don’t rub too hard. No matter where applied rub in a circular motion .  

Cellulite Gel 150ml  – again made from organic coffee, with magnesium chloride and lavender hydrosol. This really stimulates the circulation plus gives you a dose of magnesium again which really helps your body in so many ways. Apply twice daily night and morning.

Cellulite lotion 150ml – this lotion is divine – again it contains organic coffee, white tea, dandelion root – these help circulation and detoxification plus beautiful oils that help to smooth the skin and enhance circulation. Apply after the Cellulite gel twice daily. 

Body Wrap 150ml  – again organic coffee plus some beautiful ingredients that help the skin detox and rejuvenate. These include – white tea, bentonite clay, dandelion root, homeopathics and essential oils that simply make this product work. Apply to targeted areas, apply warm damp cloth (like a flannel) and wrap yourself up in cling film and leave on for 1 hour – remove plastic and cloth – but don’t shower as the ingredients will continue to do their magical work as you go through your day, or sleep!

This range is so exciting as I know how Cellulite and extra inches have a negative effect on our self-esteem. Anything we can do to help with this we will do!