The Magic of Herbs Barberry

The magic of herbs – Barberry and one of its magical ingredients Berberine 

As a herbalist I simply love herbs, I love the fact that there is a herbal remedy out there for every symptom/disease process out there! Big statement but it is so true. So I have decided to start doing a weekly blog about these amazing plants that surround us.

One of my teacher’s favourite sayings was “use what is in your own backyard” and what he meant was that if you are suffering then there will be a solution in your environment. I know that this is true and very often it will be the simple remedies that you can make at home that will be the most effective. Plus, it means that your health is in your hands.

I love that, we can inform ourselves, then we no longer need to fear sickness. We are in the drivers seat. Herbs are a wonderful way to treat “dis-ease” plus you can take some to prevent it happening in the first place.

Today I want to talk to you about a herb called Barberry, but more specifically with one of it’s major ingredients Berberine.

Barberry (specially Barberry Vulgaris) is a herb, which can help with many problems and systems of your body. It is said to help cleanse the liver and the gut. Plus, it is known to be used to prevent cancer and diabetes, so if there is a family history then this herb could be for you.

As a herbalist I use barberry (along with other herbs) for a tonic effect. As it has benefits that are vast: - they include

·         Killing off bacteria

·         Boost immunity

·         Help with high blood pressure

·         Irregular heartbeat

·         Convulsions

·         Reduce inflammation

·         Treats both constipation and diarrhoea

·         Treat or prevent diabetes

·         Improves heart Health

·         Atrial fibrillation

·         Helps with metabolic syndrome

·         Cleanses liver and gallbladder

As you can see this herb packs a very big punch.

Berberine – what is the fuss and what is it?

A while ago as I was doing research to see if there was anything, I could do to help clients who were really struggling. They wanted to come off their medication, but their blood sugars just wouldn’t stay balanced.

And this article came up , which made me take note of some of the most used herbs in my cupboard and look at them a little differently

Basically, this article is telling us the history of metformin – which is a drug used to help with diabetes. And then they show a study that compares metformin with Berberine and the results were very favourable. Plus it shows Berberine to be a huge contender to be created into a drug to treat obesity in the future. Plus the fact it is antiviral and anti-inflammatory. 

Why not take the real deal, the actual herbs that contain Berberine plus other chemicals that can support your body in so many ways, not just a drug that is targeting just one thing.
By the way, metformin started of life as a herbal remedy! Like nearly every other medication. The problems arise when that herb is broken down into parts and just the selected ingredients used. Herbs are complete as they are, of course no-one can patient a herb, so not make billions of dollars out of it.

In the study they state that both metformin and Berberine are not well absorbed and in the case of Berberine I believe it is because they have separated out the other ingredients that work in synergy along with the berberine that make these herbs so valuable.  

Please do read this study, it will show you how powerful Berberine can be.

Berberine is not only in Barberry it is also found in golden seal, Oregon Graperoot, Goldthread, and Turmeric.

I have a new product that contains Barberry, Oregon grape root and turmeric that act as a tonic and can also help with many ailments mentioned above.

We are calling this Tonic - Mellow Yellow, as Berberine containing herbs as remedies are always yellow!

I will go over the other herbs above in another post at another time

If you would like to learn more about herbs and how you can use them then do get in contact – we will be doing home herbal medicine courses in the near future!