Why is adrenal health so important?

A question I am often asked - Why is adrenal health so important?

Over the last few years, after working with thousands of clients, I feel that looking after and healing our adrenal cortex is vital for nearly every symptom/disease process and it is well known that stress is our greatest killer. BUT if we look below the surface then ALL disease is caused by one stress or another.

What has to do the work when we are stressed? Our Adrenals are the ones that are our first line of defense! So they are overworked nearly all the time! This is why I believe that my programs and products are so successful. We always take the adrenals into account when making recommendations. As an example, our Magnesium, no matter which you choose, will be supporting your adrenal hormone production. As I dive into clients history and symptoms, there always appears to be an element of stress that has to be taken into account. An example: about 6 months ago, Chloe came to see me about her food allergies. A year before coming to see us, she had been recommended to heal her gut by changing her diet and to take quite a few supplements. Chloe did this for almost a year, saw slight improvements, but as soon as she ate anything that wasn't on the list of allowed foods her symptoms came back with a vengeance. Those symptoms were skin breakouts plus being doubled up with pain. Once the acute symptoms abated, she was left with constipation and a dull ache in her back and gut area. Chloe popped in to see me at the shop. We had a short discussion and decided to work in a different way. Yes we did the food thing - I put her on Fast Track to Health diet (as it is very low inflammatory, but easier than the program she had been on!). We then went on to work on her adrenals - will explain why in a minute - we made up a homeopathic formula to help with this and then gave her Boost drops to support her liver, kidneys and lymph as she was healing. Plus Calm Magnesium, Zinc drops and some Adaptogenic herbs - like a tonic- the Diet, was only for 40 days, like Fast track To Health.

When Chloe came back to see me, she felt so much better and was not only symptom-free, but she felt clearer and more energised than she could remember. Then for the next 40 or so days we went on to add foods to find out which were good and those that were not so good for her - just like in Fast Track to Health Phase 2. She was delighted to find that she wasn't reacting to hardly any, in fact, she was thriving.

After 3 months Chloe hadn't had one break out or reaction of any sort. We hadn't worked on her gut at all, so how did it work? Well, the reason I will normally treat Adrenals rather than the gut is this: My theory is that when our Adrenals are constantly in stress mode, then they start to overreact to everything including the foods that we eat, the more stress we have the more foods become stressors. So it goes on in a vicious circle of being affected by everything around us. This reaction isn't just giving us gut issues, it can cause aches and pains throughout the whole body - normally at your weakest point(s). Plus can cause weight gain, low energy, depression, anxiety etc.etc.

So Back to Chloe, as I said was feeling so much better after 3 months, now after 6 months of taking a few specific products, she is totally symptom-free and is full of energy and vitality. This is a very quick turnaround as Chloe isn't a young lady (in years anyway) she is post-menopausal and yes she did have hot flushes and anxiety too!

Why am I bringing this up? Well, our New Sensual Balance Programme is up and running and is all about helping to heal our adrenal cortex and also designed to help the rest of our body to feel alive and to thrive, not just surviva!! This is the main reason that this programme came about when talking to a lovely client who wanted help with her libido and energy. So I got to work and researched, found what I needed to focus on and realised that I already had written the program – 5 years ago that was designed to help adrenal health.

I remembered that when you look at our adrenal health you really can see how it relates to all areas of our physical lives, including our sensual way of being. So, I dug up that program, re-jigged it, got the formulas that I had used with Chloe and others that had worked, added in the adaptogenic herbs (which are in effect tonics for the whole body but are there to help us cope with stress and in some cases heal the adrenal cortex) that I have been using for a very long time, researched more foods that can help revitalise and regenerate our hormonal system and voila.

Now we have a new programme – Sensual Balance. This is the perfect way to help heal the adrenal cortex as well as the rest of our body. This program is a perfect follow on from Fast track To Health as it can really help deal with the long-term effects of stress. The Products can be purchased as a pack (recommended) or separately.

Homoeopathic spray - this spray is designed to help your body cope with day to day stress and to help protect you from common stressors, like Electromagnetic field stress, trauma etc. Take this 3 times daily 20 minutes away from food and drink.

Balance Boost drops - ionic minerals with homoeopathic remedies to help support your detoxification processes as well as emotional support - using quantum essences Sensual

Balance Magnesium Gel - this is a wonderful way of getting magnesium into your body plus awakening your senses with the divine smell of pure essential oils. These include:- Jasmine Absolute, Rose Absolute, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Vertivert all in a base of magnesium made with neroli hydrosol - orange water

Adaptogenic Herbs - In this formula, the herbs include adaptogens and they are herbs that help heal or give relief to our adrenals as well as other herbs that act as a tonic for the rest of our body, including our nervous system. The herbs included in this formula are:- Astragalus, Turmeric, Red clover, Siberian Ginseng, Ashwagandha, Bacopa and Rosemary. This really is a feel-good blend of herbs that are taken 3 x daily in water - don't take after 7 pm otherwise you could be kept awake!

The Diet to help adrenals and complete health is using real food, with an emphasis on fats, protein and vegetables, 2 portions of fruit and collagen - including gelatine, beef one broth and marine collagen. Lots of good liquids, including herb teas, lemon water, etc.

Why use products and diet? The reason we do both is so that you get the full benefit of doing a program like this. Just taking products can help, however putting foods and products together creates a magical synergy that you will not believe until you do it!

Purchase the full SENSUAL BALANCE PROGRAMME and you will also get the instructions as to what to eat and do when you are working on this process PLUS a FREE consultation with me to go through your specific needs to see if we need to tweak your formulas (normally no extra charge for that)

Give me a call on 021 408 277 if you would like to know more! Have a magnificent day and remember no matter what, YOU ARE PERFECT!