Choosing the right programme for you!

Enjoy more energy with Kickstart and FastTrack 2Health Phase 1 & Phase 2

First off – If you would like to lose a few pounds but don’t have any addictive tendencies or any emotional links to food – then our "Kickstart your Health" 26 day programme is the one for you. It is a more restrictive programme with emphasis on targeting unwanted body fat, loosing some weight and doing a basic detox.

If you have a bit more weight to lose – even if it is only a few kilos, but you have either food addictions or cravings or have a health issue to work on then FastTrack 2Health is the best way to go for you.

Phase 1 - is a detox programme that takes out the major allergens and you could call it a "factory reset" of your body. This phase allows for a restricted amount of protein (from your list) twice a day and unlimited vegetables, again only the specific vegetables from your list as well as a couple of pieces of fruit (plus a portion of specific gelatin if you feel the need for more protein). Why 40 days? It seems to be a magic number to really bring about the transformation that we need to really make lasting changes and create new habits.

Phase 2 - now this is where you really can transform your health and vitality. This Discovery Phase is amazing as it will teach you all about the foods that agree (or in some cases absolutely don't agree) with your body. This will create a good foundation and knowledge base to continue loosing weight and being healthier, with consistent energy levels overall.

If you have no weight that you want to let go of, at all, but would like to improve your health I
would recommend doing the Thyroid/Adrenal questionnaire as that can eliminate
those two from the scenario or at least gives us something to work on.

However, if you are on the FastTrack 2Health Programme, then doing the
Thyroid/Adrenal Questionnaire is important to see if we need to tweak your second phase for optimum results.