WhoDunnit? Or more to the point - Whatdunnit?

The health detective at your service


Are you feeling as though you have been run over by a bus? Or feeling the size of a bus? Maybe your brain feels as though it has left the building because you can’t remember what you went upstairs for?

This could be because one or more of your hormonal organs could have gone out of balance -  but which one?

Have you had your thyroid checked, and nothing is wrong? You have been to the doctor and all of your bloods have come back as fine? Is it truly just in your mind?

I have been putting in the detective work over the last 20+ years, to help you find out what could be going on in your body. Like all good sleuths I never stop looking for a solution to the crime! There is NO such thing as an unsolved case, in my book!  It is my mission to find how we can give you some simple steps to help you start the re-balancing act.

The main offenders  of your symptoms maybe

Thyroid – this organ has had a lot of publicity and the hormones are very tricky as they are masters at being where they are meant to be, but they are really good at creating false alibi’s. There are lots of them in the blood. What that doesn’t do is tell us if they are doing their jobs in the tissues of our bodies, they are just hanging around! The Thyroid hormones are like a pickpocket, they hang around but that doesn’t do anyone any good, plus they seldom get caught in the act – but we have ways to bring them into custody!

Adrenals – our wonderful adrenals are often very overused and can really struggle after a lifetime of abuse, the problem is that we don’t even know we are abusing them! Again the testing for this is the blood and this can miss a few things. Very often the diagnosis of this is: “it is in your head” which is so frustrating. When our adrenals are playing up they can cause all sorts of mayhem in our body and like a clever fraudster, the symptoms can strike suddenly without you knowing what has been going on. 

Sex hormones – generally this is estrogen dominance due to taking the birth control pill, exposure to certain chemicals and other external forces. Estrogens are like thieves in the night - they can rob us of our joy de vie!

The reason these three can be so elusive is that the symptoms of imbalance are so similar to one another and they, like the master criminals that they are, are very difficult to find!

Help is at hand I have devised an easy way of flushing out the culprit plus ways to catch them and help keep them under control!

We have a questionnaire for you to fill in so that we can get our detective hats on and find out for you where the crime has been committed and then what the sentence will be to help you keep the culprit where it is supposed to be, balanced.

My desire is to help you to become the health detective for your own health!

My "Health Detective" Credentials

Hi there - Karen Creighton at your service. I have been working in natural health for nearly 30 years and during those years I have always been looking for answers. Sometimes the answers are easy to come by as the clues are relatively easy to follow. However some are much harder. And the chase has been long and taxing but I believe I get the felon in the end. I love a challenge and health is a big one as the stakes are very high.

As a health detective I have had some wonderful tools at my disposal and I have seen thousands of clients achieve better health and well being after we have eliminated and added certain things to the mix to achieve balance for them.

Health is relatively simple really – find out which area of your body is being affected and then give it the right ingredients (nutrition) to help it repair. We also have to arrest the culprits by using herbs and/or homeopathic remedies to put them where they belong, out of harms way.

Let me help you by putting on my Sherlock Holmes hat and magnifying glass, then see if I can help you with this FREE Questionnaire and free consultation to go over the results. I will also make some recommendations to help you along the way. 

Look forward to working with you!

With Love and Gratitude