Detox Warning

detox warning

The pitfalls of not having support for your organs when going on a juice fast, Raw food diet, keto diet, paleo diet or clean eating program.

I was talking to a beautiful soul the other day about her trip to the hospital (gall bladder removal operation) which came out of the blue for her. we chatted about what she had been doing prior - which was, a long-term juice fast.


Now, I really understand doing these, as I have done many of these in my time.  But I learnt before doing them that I needed support whilst on this journey.

We live in a very toxic world, where we ingest ingredients into our bodies, through our food water air and even medications that we take.  Our bodies simply don’t have the mechanisms to eliminate the cascade of toxic residue fast enough. What the body will naturally do, is dump them into places where they will do the least harm. Our fat cells are the primary choice.

When you are on these programs you will start losing fat, the toxins then get released into the system. Then the already full system has to try to deal with this new onslaught, this is where the blockages can occur!

What I have experienced in the past, with clients and myself, is that if you don't have targeted support products when doing one of these programs, your detoxification pathways, will really struggle.

The backlog can cause a blockage like gallstones or can cause many reactions in your body, depending on your systems weak spots!

These can vary from headaches, emotional outbursts, skin outbreaks, constipation, diarrhea,, aches and pains hot and cold flushes, sore throat, cough,  Now having to have your gall bladder removed may seem to be an extreme example. But I have seen this happen time after time. So please make sure that you are supporting your body while it is going through this time. Otherwise what might happen is that when you have finished your cleanse, you might not end up feeling full of energy and vitality, you might end up either the same as you started with or worse!!

I have learnt that even a keto diet or our program Fast Track To health can start this detox reactions, so much so that many clients give up after only a few days as they feel that they just simply can’t continue. This is why I developed a 10 – 20 detox program that you take BEFORE going on a regime.

Our Detox program covers all bases, we have a homeopathic remedy, which helps our cells let go of the most common chemicals, viruses and bacteria, plus helps let go of heavy metals.

Our tissue/cell salts helps with drainage from our liver, kidneys, lymph and lungs as well as being in a base of ionic minerals so starting to get your mineral levels up higher. The Tissue/Cell salts helps each and every cell eliminate the toxins and bring goodness into them.

Our Detox herbal tonic has support herbs that help cleanse and restore our vital organs - for ingredients have a look here

Along with the products We also give recommendations as to how to start cleaning up your diet in a gentle easy way so then you are less likely to have any problems later.

This way your detoxification pathways will be clearer and so your journey will not only be easier but far more effective for your long-term health and vitality!!