“When everything changes, change everything”

I don’t know if you have heard the phrase “when everything changes, change everything”?

It is the title of a book by Neale Donald Walsh and is definitely worth reading as it is full of tips and antidotes as to how to make those changes!

Over the last 8-10 years Fast Track to Health has been slowly changing, evolving as we learn, learn about new research but the main way we learn is through YOU!

So, are we about to change Everything? In a way yes, but fundamentally, no!!

As you may have seen last week, we put a call out for volunteers to test some new additions to the program. And voila we have had many who have asked to join our trial. This trial is the start of the change, something bigger much bigger than just us!. When I put out the call, it was with the intention to just ask 5 willing brave guinea pigs to play along with us.

Blog FT2H Evolution.jpg

What happened was amazing. I really thought that I would get a handful of you. Well, I got quite a few on messenger, then on email, then people popping in the shop and phoning up. I am so grateful as it shows that you are wanting us to step up and make changes. So that is what we are doing!!

After many of you put your hands up – thank you so much – I realised that we have an opportunity to really make huge changes in YOUR health and well-being that goes far beyond what we are doing at present with Fast Track To Health. Just Imagine, you are looking at yourself in a years’ time, the beginning of 2020. Over 2019 you have changed so much that you hardly recognise yourself. You have lost all those extra kilos, you are full of energy and just feeling so positive about yourself. You are in a place of positivity that you can’t believe it is YOU!!

How? By changing the way you eat, the way your talk to yourself, the products you take and the ongoing support you have. You can totally change your life, YOUR world and those around you will also benefit.


Our New Fast Track To Health EVOLUTION will include:

An in-depth consultation, where we can dive into your physical and emotional health and find out what YOU want to achieve. We will fine tune the products to you

It will also include the spray, the boost and even the magnesium, PLUS recommendations on any other support herbily, nutritionally etc that you can either choose to use or not!

YOU WILL BE SUPPORTED ALL ALONG THE WAY! Weekly calls for the first 3 months then monthly after that, so that you will keep on track to getting the results you are after.

You will also get info emails, which are exclusively for you.

If you have been on Fast Track before you are welcome on this trial, if you have never done Fast Track To Health you are welcome on this trial. The trial is to find out 2 things :

1/ are the changes we are making to the programme more effective than the original and

2/ finding out the long term effects of working on your health for 1 whole year.

What you will get for bravely stepping into the unknown!! You will receive your basic products – for the same price as Fast Track To Health. You will need to commit to phase 1 and Phase two – You can either purchase them together or separately so you can spread the cost if you would prefer.

You will also have our support weekly/monthly. With this we know that you are far more likely to achieve your goals than if you do this on your own. This is worth hundreds of dollars and for those on the trial it is completely free! – Once the trial is over, we will be charging for this service!

If you are still wanting to jump on board – then NOW is the time to do it - here is a bit more info for you.

The programme is still using Intermittent fasting – eating between 11am and 8pm daily and 2 meals a day

Your body will go into Ketosis – which means you will be burning fat as fuel, so weight will drop off and you will be protecting yourself from many diseases – more on that another time!! The foods are more or less the same – but we are tweaking the way we use them.

Still two meals a day – as we know through research that this is the healthiest way of being as restricted foods lead to healthier body, long term. Again, protecting your lovely body!  

The products included in the price will be made specifically for you – this is normally an extra charge.
If you need other product(s) then you will get those at a discounted rate.

A closed Facebook page where you can share information, recipes, glitches etc. And enjoy sharing your results.

There will be much more as research keeps coming in and we pass it on to you

Just imagine – you in 1 year from now……………………………..